Veganism FTW | A fresh start

Veganism FTWWelcome to That Stargazy Vegan!

It took me well over an hour just trying to get started on this post, I kid you fucking not.  I’m a bit worried that I’ve just completely forgotten how to do this blogging/writing thing or maybe it’s just that I’m seriously out of practice.

Only time will tell I suppose, but I very much hope it’s the latter; either way it feels good to be back.

My previous blog (Stargazy Eyes) was a huge part of my life for nearly 4 years; it let me get a bit creative, it was cathartic when I needed it to be and I got some great opportunities and met some awesome people through writing it.  But as these things so often begin, I just fell out of love with it and before I knew it I hadn’t posted anything new for months.  Sad times, I know, but sometimes this shit happens so you can make a fresh start and work on something that suits you much better.

That fresh start for me is this little corner of the internet aka my new blogging home – set up with lots of help from Hayley.  So what’s going to be different about That Stargazy Vegan?  Well I won’t lie, my being vegan (for one year and counting) is going to play a big part!  Surprised?  No?  I suppose the name of the blog did give it away a bit.

Now there’s no need to go running for the hills, thinking that every post is going to try to convert you.  I’ll always be up for discussion about veganism, but you won’t find thinly-veiled activism at every turn. Instead you’ll find favourite recipes (vegan mac n cheese anyone?), cruelty-free beauty and just about anything else happening in my life that’s interesting enough to write about.

Excited?  I know I am.

Sharon | That Stargazy Vegan
  • Katie Middleton

    I can’t wait to see what you ‘cook’ up on the blog! Ha, geddit?

    Katie x

    • That Stargazy Vegan

      Haha there’s going to be lots and lots of tastiness, I promise x